Presentations of awarded practices in Latvia

1. Digital portfolio for students

Author: Dina Brence

Career counsellor, Liepaja Raina Secondary School No 6

This good practice by Dina Brence has been awarded a National Career Guidance Award in 2023.

Translation of this presentation is provided by Euroguidance Latvia.

Description of the practice

Dina Brence has developed a method to facilitate development and assessment of digital career portfolios as a tool to help upper secondary school students relate their course work to various future careers. The compilation and presentation of student extra-curricular experiences also contributes to the development of their digital and self-presentation skills. The digital portfolio both aids future career decisions and is also useful during school for applying for scholarships, awards, summer jobs, internships, and crafting a first professional resume. The career counsellor plays a key role in building a student's portfolio by not only motivating a pupil to attend selected career-related events and document experiences but also advising how to reflect on and extract valuable insights from those experiences. This helps pupils connect their educational programs to their future career choices in a more informed way. Twice a year, the career counsellor assesses student portfolios, for which specific criteria have been developed. Advice and recommendations for improving the portfolio are given, and a conversation is held individually between the pupil and the career counsellor. Collaboration among fellow teachers is also instrumental in realizing the full potential of this method. Teachers actively contribute to students' digital skill development and overall growth by actively participating in portfolio-building activities.

Target group:

upper secondary school pupils