1. Workshop No1 (Austria)

Time: November 8 (11:30-13:00)

Career Guidance moving towards the new normal by developing effective strategies of orientation, decision-making and coping

Workshop Leader: Margit Pichler

Margit Pichler works at the University of Teacher Education, Lower Austria in the Centre for Vocational Education and focuses her work on career education and guidance research. The University is known for high quality of teaching Career Education and Guidance research. Her main achievements are in the area of international cooperation work in Career Education and Guidance. She is an expert in the national strategy for Career Education and Guidance of the Ministry of Education. She is a lecturer and keynote-speaker in Career Development and Career Management Skills at a national and international level.

Workshop Description: 

In terms of uncertainty career counselors have to search for new opportunities about how career guidance can be carried out. The change in economic structure triggered by advancing digitalization, crises and changes in the organisation of work, increase the demands on career management skills, such as resilience and career adaptability. Orientation, decision-making and coping issues have become a central theme of our contemporary society. Therefore, more support is needed to prepare young people in a proper way for the future of work. Different strategies of coping, orientation and decision-making may help young people to deal with these unknowns, this unpredictability and maintain their resources and strengthen their resilience in context of uncertainty.

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