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44th IAEVG International Conference proceedings and session recordings.

Objective: This course aims to provide basic training on international learning mobility for career guidance practitioners. Participants of the course are expected to have background knowledge and/or experience in career counselling.

Course load: The course load is expected to be of 12 hours, with optional additional reading material. Interactive exercises and tasks will have to be completed to successfully finish the course.

Expected outcome and added value: The participants will gain a better insight and understanding of various aspects of international learning mobility in the Nordic and Baltic countries by actual hands-on experience through interactive exercises and tasks among the participants of the course.

Euroguidance Latvia is pleased to welcome you to the Euroguidance CROSS BORDER SEMINAR “Hope in times of uncertainty”, which will be held and hosted in Riga, Latvia from November 7-9, 2022.

The seminar is jointly organized by Euroguidance network’s CBS group. Selection of participants is to be coordinated by Euroguidance centres of respective participating countries. It is expected that around 70 participants from 10 countries will participate in this event: Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia. Indicative number of Latvian participants - 20.

The seminar will address the topic of “Hope in times of uncertainty” in the different CBS countries and how it is dealt with in the national guidance community. In particular, two questions were addressed in survey: (i) Factors causing uncertainty in individuals making career decisions and (ii) Approaches to helping clients deal with uncertainty and career practitioners manage stress. There will be key-note presentations and workshops. National experts will be presenting demonstration of tools or approaches at the workshops during CBS Riga 2022 seminar. A total of 16 workshops is envisaged. Workshop annotations are currently being collected and will be made available at a later stage. Participant registration form is being developed and will be circulated upon collection of workshop descriptions. Participants will also have the opportunity to network during the event. A compendium of national contributions of what approaches are used in different countries when working with individuals and groups to help them to manage uncertainty and increase their hopefulness in the context of career planning and decision-making will be prepared.

An official dinner and a cultural event will be provided by the host country.

Final CBS RIGA 2022 PROGRAMME (pdf)

Looking forward to seeing you in Riga,

Euroguidance Latvia Team

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