2. Workshop No 2 and 14 (Croatia)

November 8 (11:30-13:00) and November 9 (11:00-12:30)

“Be your own Super Hero”

Workshop Leader: Tihana Hrkač 

Tihana Hrkač is a psychologist, and has been working as a senior expert advisor at the Croatian Employment Service (CES), in Vocational Guidance and Education Division, since 2015. She gained previous work experience as a school psychologist and counsellor in high school, and as psychologist at the Centre for social welfare. This overall work experience enabled her to work with different groups of clients (elementary and high school pupils, students, parents, unemployed, employers, persons with disabilities…).  Working with them, she improved her counseling and communication skills, her open-minded way of thinking and problem-solving methods. She has experience in conducting workshops, vocational informing and counselling (group and individual), professional selection (direct employment), professional selection (labour market oriented trainings), and experience in conducting and implementing Active Labour Market Policy measures.

Workshop Description: 

The last two years have been very challenging for all of us, both professionally and personally. We were all facing big changes and adjustments that we had to deal with. The majority of them were related to workplace adaptations (e.g. working from home due to COVID-19 measures), while others were related to our personal adaptations and ways of dealing with stressful and challenging situations. 

One of the goals of this workshop is to provide an overview of the activities and challenges that we have carried out at the CES with our users in the last two years. 

The goal of the second part of the workshop will be more personalized and intended for all of us, regardless of the workplace or institution we come from. In the second part of the workshop, through interactive discussion and work in small groups, we will discuss our own ways of dealing with the entire situation we have encountered. The emphasis is on the experience exchanging, getting new ideas, but also personal empowerment for all that the future holds for us.

Workshop presentation (pdf)