3. Workshop No 3 and 10 (Germany)

Time: November 8 (11:30-13:00) and November 9 (9:00-10:30)

""Good vibes only!"

How to increase mental resilience at work and in your private life!"

Workshop Leader: Tanja Kraft 

Tanja Kraft - Study of pedagogy and major in adults education at Cologne University, further study of personnel development at Kaiserslautern University, Work experience as trainer for professional application, Career counsellor for young adults and students at the “Employment Agency Cologne” since 2000, Experiences in meditation und mindfulness training.

Workshop Description: 

In difficult times we need a strong psyche and resilience to deal well with stressful circumstances. Supporting our customers and advising them requires also taking good care of ourselves and questioning our own handling of stress. But what does mental resilience actually mean? And how can we train them? In this workshop we will discuss our experiences and try practical exercises in mindfulness, mind control and breathing.

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