4. Workshop No 4 and 15 (Serbia)

Time: November 8 (11:30-13:00) and November 9 (11:00-12:30)

"My Ideal Job"

Workshop Leader: Marko Glišić 

Marko Glišić - Youth Counsellor with 18 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the civil & social organization industry, Facilitating Workshops for Young people, Training, Coaching, Education, Psychosocial support, Counselling, Public Speaking about the needs of young people at risk. Strong community, youth work and social services professional background, finished master studies of social work and master studies of philosophy. Since 2017 I have been providing support through career guidance and counselling in the Center Strong Youngsters, SOS Children Village’s Serbia in Belgrade to young people from alternative care and other young people from vulnerable social groups.

Workshop Description: 

The Aim of the Workshop: Realize the wealth of attributes you possess which can assist you in defining your own future. Gain self-awareness about our own habits and tendencies. To reflect on our dominant personality traits can help bring focus to our search for a job and new occupation. In order to find and keep a job that we like, it is very important to grow personally, as well as to be able to respond to the requirements set by employers. Some qualities are very important for all kinds of jobs and all employers expect us to possess them. Some jobs require special, additional knowledge and skills that we must possess and constantly improve. Create an advantage by using this in future for combining personal interests with the future profession. Description: The facilitator divides the participants into pairs. The task is to introduce themselves to each other by saying their name, occupation, hobby and ideal job. Then they present their pair in the plenum. The facilitator writes down on the Flip chart the occupations of the participants. Next, we talk about what skills are needed for these jobs. It is written on the Flip chart and “7 Magnificent skills” are presented. Energizer. Then the participants are divided into groups where they discuss how they can turn their interests and hobbies into their future job and what skills are needed and how would they succeed in that. In the plenum, ideal jobs for every person and the skills needed for those jobs are written down. During the discussion it is considered whether there are common/basic skills necessary for any job that every employer is looking for. At the end is integration.

Arcticle on workshop (pdf)