3. The "Goal Setting Game"

Author: NGO "iDEA"
(Santa Leiboviča, Lauma Gulbe, Dace Vīpule-Kuļika)

This good practice by NGO "iDEA" has been awarded a National Career Guidance Award in 2023.

Description of the practice

The "Goal Setting Game" was designed to assist young people in clarifying their career aspirations, enabling them to set more concrete goals and devise strategies for achieving them. Through a series of guided open-ended questions, players engage in a dialogue that leads them to develop a well-defined action plan for reaching their objectives. 

This game can be played individually or in collaboration with a career counsellor, teacher, parents, or a trusted mentor. For young individuals, it fosters a sense of personal responsibility, self-belief, the ability to surmount challenges, and a offers a wellspring of motivation for new accomplishments. It aids in organizing thoughts, identifying available resources, and outlining specific steps toward goal attainment. Simultaneously, for educators and parents, the game serves as a valuable tool for initiating meaningful conversations with young individuals about their aspirations, fostering purposeful dialogue. The game comprises 56 cards featuring precise questions that guide the thought structuring process and assist in formulating clear answers.

Additionally, accompanying worksheets have been developed to facilitate recording responses and visualizing the goal-setting journey. 

Card sets are available in both Latvian and English, and this tool has garnered acclaim from career guidance users not only in Latvia but also internationally.